TAVTech Gallery

TAVtech is a 4-week intensive data science and cybersecurity bootcamp based in Tel Aviv.

As the lead instructor of TAVtech, I enjoy working on the design and development of the curriculum and be part of the instruction staff of this intense and exciting bootcamp.

  • TAVtech trains tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs with high-demand, technical skills.
  • The TAVtech Data Science bootcamp focuses on teaching practical skills in Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning over a 90-hour course.
  • TAVtech Fellows come from 16 countries and 26 college campuses. Half of the students come from Harvard University and New York University.
  • TAVtech is highly competitive and Fellows are subsidized through funding by the Paul E. Singer Foundation among other organizations.

In 2019, the syllabus for the data track was composed of:

Big Data - week 1

Introduction to Cloud Technologies and Big Data Platforms
Query languages: SQL, Pig and Hive
Visualization with Tableau
Python Notebooks: numpy, pandas, scipy

Machine Learning - Week 2

Introduction, regression, logistic regression.
perceptron, LMS, SVM
Bayes, Density Estimation
KNN, decision trees, evaluation
clustering, dimensionality reduction

Deep Learning - Week 3

sup-learning: multiclass classification, basic NN, chain rule, backprep activations
CNN, multi layer CNN, Pooling, Stride, filters, AlexNet, VGG Resnet
object detection, localization and segmentation, sliding windows, RCNN, Fast-RCNN, Mate-RCNN
Metric-learning, Face recognition, AE, GAN
Recurrent NN, LSTM, image captioning

The program doubled its fellows capacity for the first three years and is still scaling!!

Interested students can apply here. Hackathon page here.
If you are an experienced instructor interested in joining this initiative, please reach out to me (contact page).