Big Data and Machine Learning @ IDC

A semester of Big Data and Machine Learning @ the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya , Fall 2019/20

Addressing the need for broad and practical big data, data science and machine learning education, we've built an innovative, focused and intensive learning program consisting of 13 weekly units, based at IDC. The program aims to provide machine learning, big data and cloud computing skills to scientists and/or engineers with a strong quantitative background and education. Weekly units will consist of lectures and recitations, hands-on work and homework assignments designed to practice concepts and techniques. Homework will be carefully checked and feedback will be provided. The program is designed in collaboration with other leading research institutes in Israel.

The course is taught by a team of instructors and teaching assistants who are research and industry leaders, experienced python programmers and experienced machine learning, big data and data science teachers: Ben Galili, Alon Oring, Dr. Keren Ouaknine, Prof. Ariel Shamir, Prof. Zohar Yakhini. The plan is designed in collaboration with leading academic institutes in Israel.

Introduction to Machine Learning - part 1

Introduction, linear regression
Python libraries: pandas, numpy. visualization libraries
Evaluation, training and test sets, ROC curves
Decisions trees

Data science and Statistics - part 2

Density estimation, MLE, Bayes classification
Clustering, PCA
Statistics for scientists, correlations, p-values and multiple testing
A mini project in analyzing high throughput data

Big Data - part 3

Introduction to Hadoop
Query Languages
Machine Learning use cases over Big Data

Next step in Machine Learning - part 4

Classifiers - SVM and kNN
A brief introduction to Deep Learning

Full syllabus:
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